Lane Kiffin understands what makes LSU go, and he saw a lot of that last week in the Tigers’ win over Florida.

“Running the ball and defensively, all the turnovers, creating those, looked like what you’re used to seeing LSU play like normally,” Kiffin said on the SEC coaches media teleconference. “Very challenging, great players, we’re going to have to be very creative in order to win this game.”

Given their close relationship over many years, Kiffin was asked about his communication with Ed Orgeron after the LSU coach and the program parted ways earlier this week, and ahead of the game against the Rebels.

“Just a text. Normally I would have called him, but with the game, that would have been a little strange,” Kiffin said.

About the controversial non-fumble call against Tennessee, Kiffin shared what happened from his perspective.

“Matt (Corral) heard a whistle right before the play like you would if there was a false start or something, so he just completely stopped. He heard a whistle blow. So did some of the players. So he completely stopped. He was going to throw a pass,” Kiffin said. “(John Rhys) Plumlee was wide open and it was going to be a huge play. … Strangely, the refs didn’t hear a whistle. There’s nothing you can do about that.”