Lane Kiffin calls it an unusual way of showing respect for what Nick Saban did for Kiffin and his career.

“He’s the greatest college coach to ever coach college football because he is doing it in an era different than Bear Bryant and some of those names because of scholarship limitations compared to back then,” Kiffin said.

The Ole Miss coach took a moment to imagine if Nick Saban had unlimited scholarships, or if he could take 150 players.

“Good luck, everybody else. It would be Alabama and Georgia, I guess,” he said.

Kiffin still views Saban as close personally, and almost in a class by himself.

“He’s like a family member where I can joke about him or something,” Kiffin said on SiriusXM. “But, if someone else does, it really pisses me off.”

Kiffin regularly uses Saban’s famous term “rat poison” about motivating a team, or avoiding too much praise for a team. But Kiffin also coined a new term last season for motivating Saban and Alabama: GOAT fuel.