Accusations of faking injuries are a hot topic in college football. The SEC Network may have just caught one conference coach in the act.

Following Ole Miss standout Jerrion Ealy’s kickoff return for a touchdown, the SEC Network showed Lane Kiffin instructing Jonathan Hess to go down on the field and instead of returning to the sideline.

It’s possible Kiffin knew Hess was legitimately injured and wanted to make sure there was a delay in the game, but the broadcasters and many fans on social media see it as Kiffin asking his player to fake an injury.

While most faked injuries usually appear to slow down an offensive drive, the SEC Network broadcasters pointed out that the Ole Miss defense was likely still tired from LSU’s 9-play, 86-yard scoring drive. It appears Kiffin was trying to buy more time for Rebels defenders to catch a breather.

Kiffin will certainly be asked about this in the postgame press conference.