Lane Kiffin may have matured as a head coach, but he’s still good for a joke now and then, including one that he cracked at his introductory press conference at Ole Miss on Monday.

Since Sunday, Kiffin has had a grand welcoming to Oxford, Miss., as Rebels fans are excited about their team’s new head coach. That included fans waiting for Kiffin’s arrival and greeting him as soon as he got off the plane.

“A lot better than another tarmac experience that I had,” Kiffin later quipped Monday.

That was a reference to the end of Kiffin’s tenure at USC in 2013, when he was fired while on the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport after the Trojans had returned from a loss to Arizona State.

Now, Kiffin will look to have more success at Ole Miss than he had at USC earlier this decade. But he also has more experience now, after serving as Alabama’s offensive coordinator from 2014-16 and as the head coach at Florida Atlantic for the past three seasons.

This will be the first time Kiffin will be a head coach in the SEC since his brief one-year stint at Tennessee in 2009.