Lane Kiffin is entering his first year at the helm of the Ole Miss Rebels, but his career has already taken some interesting turns.

From Tennessee to USC to the Oakland Raiders to Alabama to Florida Atlantic and more, Kiffin has made some interesting stops both as a head coach and an assistant.

Don’t expect Kiffin to make the jump back to the NFL any time soon, at least with regards to one particular team. As you can see below, Kiffin joined Barstool’s “Pardon My Take” and shot down any interest in coaching the New York Jets in his classic, hilarious style:

“How does ‘Lane Kiffin, head coach of the New York Jets” sound to you?” PFT Commenter asks.

“Ugh, terrible,” Kiffin responds, drawing a laugh from both hosts. “Have you seen their roster?”

The Jets are currently 0-2 and don’t show many signs of improving. However, if they land the No. 1 overall pick, it could become a more interesting job, especially if they land Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence.