Lane Kiffin really had to bite his tongue on this one.

The Ole Miss coach was running a few minutes late to his Monday afternoon press conference to open Vanderbilt Week, but there was a good reason for that, he was on the phone with the SEC office regarding the controversial ending of the Auburn game.

If you missed it, Ole Miss should have been awarded a touchdown late in the game that likely would have sealed the game after Auburn returner Shaun Shivers touched the ball before it rolled into the end zone and was recovered by Ole Miss.

Play on the field was not stopped to review the play even though video of the play shows the ball hit Shivers.

Here’s what Kiffin had to say about getting off the phone with the SEC on Monday.

“Well, I was late to this because I was on the phone with (the SEC head of officials),” Kiffin shared. “I really struggled with this. A lot. I just had the conversation with him. He called to explain what happened. I really wish for our players, for our fans, that they could hear what I was just told. I think they deserve to.

“I asked and they made sure to tell me there’s a policy. I can’t tell you, the players or the fans what their, if you want to call it ‘explanation’ for that situation and how the TV copy, everyone in the country could see it hit him. And I asked the side judge, ‘Why aren’t they replaying it? Do I need to challenge?’ He said, ‘They’ve already looked at it, there’s nothing there.’

“So, I’m not allowed to say anything about the conversation but I really wish our fans and players could hear what I was told.”

Kiffin was then asked another question but he cut that question off to share his frustration with the SEC’s policy to not comment on officiating explanations.

“I’ve had to take a five-minute like power yoga class before I walked in and said what I really want to,” Kiffin continued. “You know what I’d like? I’d really like when you guys ask me questions about managing the game or how I play players to say that’s a personal thing and I can’t discuss it with you.

“I’d really like to be able to answer those questions like that.”

Credit Kiffin for continuing to fight for his team long after the game is over. His popularity in Oxford likely just went up with these comments.