If you’ve watched college football during Nick Saban’s Alabama tenure, you’re probably aware that none of Saban’s former assistants have managed to defeat him as a head coach (0-for-19 entering 2020 season). Paul Finebaum has predicted that former Alabama offensive coordinator and current Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin will be the first former Saban assistant to pull it off. On Thursday, Kiffin appeared on “The Paul Finebaum Show” and jokingly asked Finebaum to quiet on his bold prediction, with a nod to Saban.

“Can you please stop predicting we’re going to beat Coach Saban for the first time ever as a former assistant coach? That’s rat poison, Paul,” Kiffin said to end his interview.

It’s not the first time Kiffin has brought up Finebaum’s prediction. During a recent media appearance, Kiffin brushed it off as the SEC Network host looking for a ratings boost.

“I think that’s Paul just trying to get his ratings up by saying something people really either like or dislike depending on what teams are fans of. So, that’s the last thing on our mind right now, we got so much work to do just. We’ve had two practices with our team ever, you know, we never had spring ball, so we have so much work to do.”

Among former Saban assistants, Kiffin’s Rebels are second in line for a crack at Alabama. The Crimson Tide host Jimbo Fisher’s Texas A&M Aggies in Week 2 before facing Ole Miss in Oxford for Week 3.