The most talked about group text in the SEC may be one that involves Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin, Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt, Georgia coach Kirby Smart and South Carolina coach Will Muschamp. But the only reason anyone knows about it is Kiffin told Paul Finebaum and his audience last week on the SEC Network.

That caused Smart to send Kiffin a GIF, which was a scene from the movie “Fight Club,” where Brad Pitt said, “Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club.”

The group text only came up after Finebaum raised a question to Kiffin after Pruitt referred to a text he received from Kiffin while Pruitt was on the air for his weekly radio show.

“We’re in a group text,” Kiffin told Finebaum. “Me, Kirby, Jeremy and Will. I must have said something funny (to Pruitt). It’s a pretty interesting chat.”

Kiffin said they text practice ideas or COVID protocols. Sometimes, they just poke fun at one another.

Finebaum pointed out the obvious theme between them, being all former assistants to Saban.

“Yeah, we all have the same father,” Kiffin said.