Lane Kiffin knows his Ole Miss defense is about to be challenged by Kentucky’s offense.

During a Friday appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show,” Kiffin praised Wildcats QB Will Levis.

“This is a really talented, really good quarterback,” Kiffin said to Finebaum. “So we’re going to have to play really well and get on him.”

Kiffin continued, discussing the return of UK standout running back Chris Rodriguez after a 4-game suspension. Kiffin’s sense of humor showed up talking about Rodriguez’s suspension.

“They have their running back coming back as you know, who’s going to be fresh, right in time for our game. Very timely suspension, but we’ll get them at their best.”

Finebaum then pointed out that Rodriquez also missed Kentucky’s game against a ranked Florida team in Week 2.

“Maybe they weren’t as worried about Florida,” Kiffin responded.

While Rodriguez is sure to give the Kentucky offense a boost, Kiffin thinks his defense is playing well, along with his squad’s offense and special teams.

“We’ve played well at times and the good part is we’ve played really well on offense, defense and special teams so it’s not like we have an area where it’s like, ‘OK, we have to play better now.’ So that’s been done, it just hasn’t been done as consistently as we’d like,” Kiffin said. “And so we just have to play the way we have in certain halves throughout this season and put it together against a team that has really good players and who has been coached well for a long time.”