Lane Kiffin has returned to the SEC this season, and he was expected to bring his flavor of excitement back to the conference.

He’s also apparently bringing some awesome T-shirts.

Kiffin showed up to his Monday press conference wearing a shirt that only he could pull off. Of course, it featured his “Lane Train” nickname:

In Ole Miss’ first game in Kiffin’s offense, it put up 35 points and 613 total yards of offense. However, it wasn’t enough to win, because Florida had 51 points and 642 total yards.

However, it still showed that the Rebels’ offense, led by redshirt sophomore quarterback Matt Corral has the potential to be a strong unit this season.

Ole Miss will look to earn its first win of the Kiffin era this Saturday as it travels to take on Kentucky at 4 p.m. ET on SEC Network. And while Kiffin won’t be wearing another great T-shirt on the sideline during the game, we can only imagine the ones he may break out of his closet during upcoming press conferences in future weeks.