Lane Kiffin on Tuesday met with reporters and offered the latest update on where Ole Miss stands at this point in fall camp.

“I think we’re probably close, the variables being all the new guys,” Kiffin said. “So probably not where we would want to be normally, but you do have to take that into consideration. Because again, your new guys usually are at the bottom. You’ve got a lot of new guys that have played a lot, and we expect them to play, that’s why they’re here. It’s a work in progress and it’s really both sides.”

Kiffin estimated that half the players in fall camp are “portal guys.”

“I was thinking about our portal guys,” Kiffin said. “A play today, that guy was just playing for Auburn who was covering a guy who was playing for Mississippi State. Just the world we’re in.”

Kiffin often speaks what other coaches shy away from saying, and fans and media often view him as a refreshing alternative to the otherwise normal coach speak across college football. Kiffin has made his feelings known about college football having free agency now, and it appears that he’s trying to adjust, such as during fall camp and the typical check of progress updates.