If you’re not following Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin on Twitter these days, you’re not doing Twitter right.

On Monday, he was fined $25,000 by the SEC for his social media activity after the Rebels’ controversial loss to Auburn on Saturday.

Monday night, Kiffin took to Twitter to wonder if he could pay his fine entirely in pennies. First, he made a mistake by asking where he could find 25,000 pennies. Then, he quickly corrected that, asking where he could find 250,000 pennies.

Of course, that’s still not enough. We’re no math experts here, so we would have let Kiffin slide with saying 250K pennies. But, he eventually realized he needs 2.5 million pennies to pay that fine:

He then cracked a joke about SEC review, which is why he was fined in the first place:


No one tell Kiffin about the national penny shortage. He’ll be devastated!