Lane Kiffin has been coaching long enough to know the difference between a hostile environment and one where the home fans show up expecting nothing more than to have a good time and watch their team get drilled at home.

When it comes to coaching in the SEC, there aren’t many stadiums that are exactly welcoming to opposing players and coaches but a few do stick out as the toughest among the bunch to Kiffin.

In a recent appearance on Ole Miss program “Under the Visor,” Kiffin was asked to share which stadiums stand out as the toughest he’s ever had to coach in during his career.

“A&M was really loud the year we played there at Alabama. I mean, as everyone knows — and it was like 100 degrees during the day,” Kiffin said. “I used to say Oregon, even though it’s not as big as the SEC stadiums. It was really loud and hard, hard to deal with the noise there.

“And then really, being on the other side at Alabama, you know, shoot, I guess we only lost one home game in three years and that was to Ole Miss. That’s a great place, too. Having to be on the other side at Tennessee and go in there and play, in with Alabama. I always remember going there and you know it’s 30 minutes before kickoff and the thing was already filled.”

Fortunately for Kiffin, the only venue mentioned above he’s set to visit this season is Kyle Field, as Ole Miss is scheduled to visit Texas A&M on Nov. 7.