Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin was upset with the officials late in the loss to Auburn, but at least on Twitter, he didn’t put it in words. Just a retweet.

Kiffin re-shared this tweet about the officiating.

“Y’all are a disgrace @SEC your officiating is absolutely atrocious. @SECOfficiating If y’all want to just keep gifting Auburn wins, just say it.”

At issue was a kickoff that appeared to bounce off a Auburn returner’s hand, and Ole Miss recovered, which should have been ruled a Rebel touchdown. However, the replay booth didn’t even stop the game to take another look at the play.

It was the second time this season that Auburn ultimately won a game on a controversial call that it appeared went in favor of the other team, but the officials didn’t rule it that way. It earlier happened against Arkansas.

On the Ole Miss Radio Network after the game, Kiffin said, “I don’t know (why the play wasn’t reviewed). These guys stop everything in the world. We have 100 stops throughout the game. They stop every scoring play. That’s really a scoring play, potentially. I don’t know why. I asked why on a critical play like that would you not stop? And they said, ‘Well, someone looked at it upstairs and said he didn’t touch it.’ It looked like from our vantage point he did touch it.”