Ole Miss’ win in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 1 was a monumental win for the program. It was the Rebels’ first win in the Sugar Bowl since Archie Manning was quarterback.

It remained a huge sign of the progress Ole Miss has made as a program under Hugh Freeze and with this incredible recruiting class that is beginning to matriculate out of Oxford.

There will be a lot of Ole Miss fans and players indebted to the foundation players like Laquon Treadwell laid for this program. But all Treadwell does is keep giving back.

Already having worked his way back from a horrific injury and completing a fantastic comeback season that should have him set to be the top wide receiver selected in this year’s NFL Draft, Treadwell went above and beyond for fans after the Sugar Bowl win.

A FOX news anchor from Memphis who took her children to the game said Treadwell stayed out until 2 a.m. after the Sugar Bowl signing autographs for children and fans:

Laquon Treadwell.
Remember that name.
The Ole Miss wide receiver is being touted as the #1 Wide Receiver picked in the Draft.
Here’s what you should know about this young man:
After the Sugar Bowl last weekend, he was the ONLY player who stayed out , signing autographs, until EVERY child was served. It was around 2am when he finally called it a night.
I know. I was there with my son and some friend’s sons.
All of the Ole Miss players were gracious to the young ( and older) fans.
But, Laquon? He went above and beyond. I was there when one of the Coaches tried to “rescue” him- he said, ” No, I’m good”
And he was…until 2am.
I’m impressed.


That is a pretty powerful story and a statement of how committed Treadwell is to making sure everyone following Ole Miss got a piece of that victory.