Former Ole Miss offensive tackle Michael Oher recently shared (then quickly deleted) a somewhat troubling post on Instagram. Oher, who is still working his way back from a September concussion, recently shared a picture of multiple pill bottles.

The caption on the picture read “All for the brain smh.

Oher has not had a quiet offseason. He was arrested last month in Nashville on a misdemeanor assault charge involving an Uber driver.

Carolina’s GM, David Gettleman, acknowledged the concern with the post and said his first priority is a healthy Michael Oher.

“I don’t know if Michael posted that photo or not,” Gettleman said. “Regardless, my primary interest is Michael’s health.”

Gettleman also flew to Nashville on May 5 to meet with Oher, because he hadn’t spoken to him since early March.

“We really had a great visit. We talked for an hour, had lunch, it was a very comfortable conversation. We talked about a lot of things – nothing about football. It was about him, how he was doing and the issues he was dealing with,” Gettleman said. “It started and ended well. And after we met, Michael did follow up for a few days. However, the communication has stopped.

“Our No. 1 priority is a healthy Michael Oher. This is not about football, this is about Michael.”

It is a shame to see any player battle such health concerns and personal issues, but Oher is a productive piece for the Panthers. Oher was coming off a 2015 season that saw him start all 16 regular season games and help lead the Carolina Panthers to an NFC Championship.

Oher recently announced his plans to play this season, but his future is quite uncertain at this point.

Oher is one of the more famous offensive linemen in recent history. His childhood and recruitment to Ole Miss were featured in “The Blind Side,” a film starring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw that received much acclaim.