Mike Bianco had a mix of tears and a bucket of sports drink poured over him in the post-game celebration as Ole Miss clinched the College World Series title on Sunday over Oklahoma.

“I was trying to keep the glasses on so you wouldn’t see my cry,” Bianco told Kris Budden of ESPN. “I don’t know if you can describe it. We’ve talked as we continued to play, continued to get a chance to play in the NCAA Tournament. Talked about the journey, talked about what a great story this would be, and it was, and we had a lot of great moments along the way.”

One of those moments was in Hattiesburg, Mississippi when Ole Miss moved on in order to advance to Omaha.

“Don’t go there just to show up, go there to win,” he said. “And of course they did, and they were terrific.”

Bianco spoke about the senior class, many who chose to return for another run, and they made the most of that decision.

“You talked about our struggles, the reason we were here today was because of that leadership,” Bianco said, and added that it’s a satisfying finish for the “best coaching staff in the country,” and the 40 players on the team will enjoy it together.