Players looking to transfer has become a big issue at Ole Miss since NCAA sanctions were announced last week.

But after the school announced transfers would be granted with limitations, such as to no other SEC school or future opponents in the next two years, Athletics Director Ross Bjork issued a statement that addressed “outside influences.” There are at least five known players looking to transfer from Ole Miss, including at least two who are likely headed to Michigan.

“We will use every avenue available to hold those accountable who tamper with our student-athletes,” Bjork said.

That statement came after Yahoo Sports reported that it removed transfer restrictions as several players looked to move on.

“As far as the limitations initially placed on the permission to contact, the restrictions are common,” the athletic department statement to Yahoo Sports said. “Until we were notified (Tuesday) morning, none of the student-athletes had communicated they were unhappy with those restrictions. Frankly, if they had any objections and a legitimate reason to seek transfer to one of the limited schools, we would ordinarily work through those issues with the student-athlete and his family. The student-athletes’ best interest is always the priority. Coach (Matt) Luke and (athletic director) Ross Bjork discussed the matter this morning. To be consistent, they are removing any restrictions on their permission to contact for all those who have requested permission. Our compliance office has reached out to the student-athletes to let them know.”

During a press conference on Friday, Bjork said that poaching from other schools has already happened and that anyone with multi-years remaining has to go through the normal transfer process, which would include an institution filing a waiver through the NCAA.

“We don’t make that decision, that is the NCAA that makes that decision on multiple years remaining of eligibility,” Bjork said.