This offseason, Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide tried to hire former Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze as an offensive analyst, but that fell through after pressure from the SEC.

Freeze is still unemployed, but that should change heading into the 2019 season. Now, the only question is, where will the talented coach resurface?

On Monday, ESPN host Paul Finebaum joined WJOX’s “The Roundtable” and said he doesn’t think Freeze’s days as a head coach are over just yet:

“Well, I think he’ll comeback somewhere as a head coach,” he said. “Clearly, we’ve been through this episode a few months ago with Saban trying to hire him. I think that was the first step. But once the cloud lifts — and it will after he sits out a year — he could get a job at a lower level school. I think he’s a very good coach who just got caught up in a lot of bad head winds where he invited a lot of people to look into what he was doing and they did. It wasn’t the first probation that really got Hugh Freeze. They did not hit him very hard on the first go around. It was only after Laremy Tunsil showed up two years ago on draft night did they come back.

“So, I think he’s hirable; he’s a personable guy and I’ve argued back and forth whether he should have come out and just done a mea culpa on what happened with the escort service. He chose not to. Instead, he’s talked over it. It may work, because the by the time you see him again they’re not going to remember. In talking about this everyday, most people don’t really understand what happened there. They think it may have been a one-time mistake or a one-time episode. So, by not talking about it, the longer it goes on the less people really know or care. All most people remember about Hugh Freeze — outside the fact that he lost his job — he beat Nick Saban twice.”

A lower-level school would be an interesting place for Freeze to resurface, as it would allow him to show he’s still a good coach and would get his name back out there.

Just look at Lane Kiffin, who is going to continue to be a hot commodity as Florida Atlantic continues to succeed.