There’s not much else that gets a football team excited than a lineman catching a touchdown pass. But if that lineman also starts out split wide, well, go ahead and bring down the house.

That’s what happened at Ole Miss recently, according to a video shared on Twitter by coach Lane Kiffin, where Carter Colquitt, a redshirt freshman currently listed as a third-string right guard on the depth chart, used his 6-foot-3 and 310-pound frame to get open against Sam Williams, and catch a pass in the end zone. This brought the same kind of energy that typically comes from scholarship reveal videos teams around the country post in August.

As soon as the play started, the Rebels’ teammates let out some whoops and hollers while Colquitt made his double move to the goal line.

Several replies on Twitter suggested this may be in the game plan on Saturday when Ole Miss opens against Florida in a noon ET game set to be televised on ESPN.

The Rebels hold a 12-11-1 in the all-time series against the Gators, and have won three of the last five games dating to 2002.