The Ole Miss Rebels will finally be able to participate in postseason games in football this fall after a two-year postseason ban handed down by the NCAA.

However, the punishments weren’t done just yet, as Monday saw the final sanctions leveled against Ole Miss.

Per, the Rebels will have to vacate 33 victories, spanning from 2010 to 2014, due to the use of ineligible players:

Ole Miss, because of ineligible player participation, vacates all wins from 2010 (four wins), 2011 (two), 2012 (seven) and 2016 (five). All wins other than the Music City Bowl from 2013 (seven wins) must be vacated, as well as all wins from 2014 except for the Presbyterian game (eight wins).

“It’s the last part of this process,” Ole Miss athletics director Ross Bjork said. “In a way it’s just a piece of paper because you saw those games.”

As Bjork said, fans won’t have to vacate their memories of those games, so this punishment isn’t as severe as the postseason ban.

Now, it seems the Rebels’ punishment is complete, so we’ll see starting this fall how they start to dig themselves out from under this shadow.