While former Ole Miss defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche continues to be analyzed by NFL scouts and personnel leading up to the NFL Draft, but someone very close to him is also getting attention.

In a story by Monday Morning Quarterback’s Robert Klemko, he notes that four coaching and scouting sources pointed out their major concern is Robert’s older brother, Denzel.

Robert, a first-round talent that many speculate will drop past the first round, seems to have gotten credit for being honest during interviews with NFL personnel during interviews.

Robert told those at the NFL Combine that former teammate, and projected No. 1 overall pick, OT Laremy Tunsil was with him the night of his December incident where he fell from a fourth-floor window at an Atlanta hotel and was later charged with marijuana possession.. He also admitted that he was drunk but did not use marijuana.

However, the former Rebels star was also questioned about his brother, who was hospitalized twice in 2015 after being unresponsive. Regardless of which NFL franchise drafts him, Robert repeatedly said his brother wouldn’t follow him.

“People are worried about the brother,” said one evaluator. “That’s the biggest fear. How do you say no to family? People so easily say it should be easy decision because there’s a lot of money at stake. Well, you don’t throw away 20 years of brotherhood.”

According to Klemko, another scout believes Robert’s character is getting attacked a little harshly.

“The bottom line with him is people around him enabling him, not a lot of real trouble. The public opinion on him is a little harder than it should be. There’s some smoke here but no big fire.”