Water is the most significant essential for any day rooted in heat and humidity.

During last weekend’s game against Alabama sweltering temperatures left the Ole Miss crowd extremely parched.

The stadium ran out of water midway through the contest. With temperatures hovering north of 90 degrees, this posed a serious problem.

“There’s no doubt that we ran out of bottles of water,” Michael Thompson, Senior Associate Athletic Director of Communication and Marketing told The Oxford Eagle. “We prepared for a record crowd, there’s no doubt about that. But to give you some historical numbers, the most bottles of water we have ever sold for a football game was just over 24,000 last year during one of the early season games. On Saturday, we sold over 48,000 bottles of water. We knew it would be a big game and thought we were adequately prepared, but obviously we weren’t.”

As a means to prepare for this weekend’s game versus Georgia, there will be over 80,000 water bottles available in the stadium. Should that not be enough, an extra ice truck will also be provided.

Sitting at 1-2, Ole Miss is hoping it can cool off a hot 3-0 Georgia squad — whilst also garnering its first conference win of the season in the process.