Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin is one of the most active and engaging SEC coaches on social media. He often pokes fun at other coaches, and even officials at times. This week, he was the target of a joke from the Arkansas social media team after the Razorbacks knocked off the Rebels.

So it made sense that Kiffin saw this post-game tweet from Arkansas.

On the SEC coaches media teleconference, Kiffin said the Arkansas train video was funny, and he was glad the game helped Hudson Clark land a scholarship. When Arkansas coach Sam Pittman announced that Clark would be on scholarship in January, Kiffin tweeted, “Happy we can help kids out, congrats!”

“I joke about things on Twitter and stuff so if you’re gonna dish it out, you’ve got to be able to take it,” Kiffin said. “So, I thought it was pretty funny what they did with the train and saw the scholarship and thought that’s just a really cool story for the kid and most coaches would be too pissed about the game and, but it played a great game did a great job. It’s pretty neat.”

Ole Miss returns to action this week against Auburn.