Lane Kiffin is known for showing some extreme ego, and a story Tom Hart shared on Wednesday morning puts that on full display.

Kiffin and Ole Miss travel to Tennessee this week, but when Kiffin returned to Tennessee as Alabama’s offensive coordinator, Hart, the ESPN/SEC Network play-by-play voice gave an example of how far Kiffin’s ego can go. He told the story on WJOX out of Birmingham, Alabama on the “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning” show.

“He sent a screengrab to somebody with the Tennessee program, not on the coaching staff, but ancillary, of their first 20 offensive plays,” Kiffin said. “Knowing full well that that script could very well end up in the Tennessee coaching staff’s hands, and he did it cause he’s Lane. I forget what the final score was, 41-3 maybe. It wasn’t close. That brash attitude and ego will be on display, and it’s going to be glorious.”

The score was actually 34-20, and the game saw Amari Cooper catch 9 passes, scored 2 touchdowns and set an Alabama school game record with 224 yards receiving. It was Alabama’s eighth consecutive victory in the series.