Tulane is excited about having an SEC team on the schedule this season.

On Tuesday, the Green Wave revealed its “SEC champs” helmet sticker. Turns out, Tulane had more SEC-themed fun planned for Saturday’s game against Ole Miss.

On Thursday, the team’s official Twitter account shared that it is bringing backs its SEC-era mascot, Greenie, for Saturday’s helmets.

Earlier this week, Lane Kiffin called Tulane “an SEC opponent” in a nod to the Green Wave’s history as a charter member of the conference. Tulane became an independent in 1966.

Greenie was introduced as the team’s mascot in 1945 and lasted until 1964. An article on the Tulane website looks at the history of Green Wave mascot:

1945 — Cartoonist John Chase created “Greenie,” a mischievous boy in a football helmet. Greenie served as the team’s mascot on programs and products for approximately 20 years.

1964 — Athletics gear was branded with a wave sporting an angry grimace at the request of athletics director Rix Yard who considered “Greenie” a bit too soft. A sack-like “angry wave” costume appeared on the sidelines.

Saturday’s game is set for 7 p.m. CT, airing on ESPN2.