Video: Laquon Treadwell suffers ugly injury on incredible touchdown attempt


Ole Miss wide receiver Laquon Treadwell made one of the most incredible plays of the year going into the end zone while sustaining a horrific injury.

To make matters worse, officials overturned the game winning touchdown and instead called it a fumble.

Sadly, Ole Miss likely lost one of their top playmakers while also losing the ball on what would have been a potential game winning score.

We wish Laquon Treadwell the best in his recovery.

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  • I hate to see anyone get hurt in a game. These young men put everything they have into what they do, and to see someone at that age sustain such a horrific injury is deeply saddening. Prayers go out to him and his loved ones and hope for a speedy and thorough recovery.

  • And worse the Auburn team stood over him, while he was hurt, take a knee, move a way show some class.

  • I am a MSU Bulldog fan, but I hate to see any player suffer an injury like that. My sincere prayers go out to Laquon. God bless and I pray for a speedy recovery.

    • I truly hope all rival’s fans are a classy as you. No one should ever wish ill upon another team’s players. Nice post man.

      • Nobody should have to lose that way. It hurts, both seeing the injury (which was gruesome) and to have a TD stripped away by less than a yard. Kid was lighting it up all night, can’t blame him for letting go of ball when leg and ankle snap.

        I sure as hell wouldn’t want that for my team.

  • Auburn must be so very proud of such a great “win”. They showed such concern.

    Targeting at the very least should have been called, it could have made the difference in the game.

  • I feel so sorry for this young man! He played hard and gave us a run for our money. I hope it isn’t serious and he has a speedy recovery!

  • Treadwell was tearing us apart. He had some great blocks as well. My fingernails are a lot shorter in large to his game play. He gave 110% and I hate that he got hurt, but the tackle was clean. Whiskey Delta Echo, but mad props to Treadwell.

  • Hope the big guy has a quick and easy recovery. It’s never good to see a player get hurt like that no matter who they play for. I wish him all the best.

  • The tackle may not have been dirty, but the shot to the head by Auburns #3 certainly was and should have been flagged.

    • Just what I said, it could have changed the outcome of the game.

    • Once the receiver catches the ball and turns upfield he is no longer defenseless and the targeting rule doesn’t apply until he is down. At the time the contact with he helmet was made, the receiver was laying on the back of the auburn defender and was not down yet. Even if he was, it would have been impossible for the ref to make a definitive call, and therefore the “no call” was the appropriate response.
      The original tackle was clean because the defender grabbed the jersey and not the inside of the pads. It was a clean tackle that unfortunately ended badly.

    • It’s not the defender’s fault that Treadwell’s head rebounded back up like that.

      • Agreed. I’m not sure #3 even actually expected to get any sort of hit off there, then the kid’s head just stayed up way longer than expected and he accidentally popped him head first. Regardless, it’s a no-call per rules and was clearly incidental, not intentional.

  • Hope Treadwell a speedy recovery. Tough way to go out, but I’m glad Arkansas won’t have to face him. I know that’s probably not cool, but I don’t care. It’s true. It improves Arkansas’ chances.
    Hope he returns healthy next year.

  • I have always been imrpessed with Treadwell’s passion and talent and drespect he demands. He is an x factor and I’ve feared him each time he stepped on the field against Auburn. I am at least glad he made such an awesome impact in the game despite the loss and left everything he had on that field. The Auburn Family wishes him a speedy recovery and I hope to see him out there next year cementing his legacy further. War Eagle.

  • WOW, what a horrific injury! Not only was the injury bad, but, losing a game that way is gut wrenching. Had he held on to the ball for 6 seconds longer, Ole Miss would have won. Ole Miss is pretty much done now. Treadwell was the difference maker on their offense. I would be surprised if they lost 2 more games. Freeze cheated to get where he is, so, I guess Karma is biting his butt now. If Auburn doesn’t learn how to play defense, they are going to get bit and it will make me sick if it’s against FSU, again. The SEC is canabalizing, while FSU and Ohio State play exhibition games. It’s pretty obvious that FSU would loose to 6-8 SEC teams. Hopefully, now that Muschamp finally put our best QB in, we will take care of FSU.

    • You’re a D-bag. Just as bad as all of these Ole Miss “fans” that can’t accept the loss for what it was. One of the best played, most heartbreaking losses in recent Ole Miss memory.

      Nothing will change the outcome. Stop being bitter and embarrassing the rest of us that have cared about the team through every season. Win or lose. Stop trying to find something that the other team did wrong.

      And you GIGator. Keep representing your fan base however you choose. You’re still a D-bag.

  • That looked like the same kind of injury that the Alabama player got. Horrible injury. Hate to see these young men hurt like this.

  • Praying for a fast recovery. However, all the talk of auburn not being classy is uncalled for. Go to 1:32 in the video and you will see almost every auburn player that was on the field, during the play when the injury happened, watching with concern for the ole miss player

  • Come on Ole Miss fans!! It was a great game. Quit gettin so butt sore over a great game. It was as clean a tackle as can be made. Ppl lookin for an excuse as to why our rebels didnt win rather than just lookin at reality. You cant fumble the ball in the red zone and we did it twice, (Bo once and then Treadwell) Just like last week, everybody acts like its the end of the world. Treadwell played GREAT, and auburn deserved the win. They won the turnover battle. And I didn’t expect Treadwell to hang on to the ball when his ankle just about broke completely in half.. (Probably did). But hell, when’s the last time we started out this great, not in my lifetime. Can’t every team win every week. Maybe one or two but I’m not worried. Hotty Toddy! Hope tread gets well soon and is ready for next season.

    • Very well put! It is a game although I am a die hard Rebel, we can’t win them all. It was a great game and my prayers go out to the team, Tredwell and his family as his recovery begins.

  • Prayers! I always hate to see anything like this happen! From a Bama fan: God be with you for a speedy recovery!

  • Many prayers for Laquon Treadwell and his family, fellow players and friends. May he come back much stronger than when he left.

  • MSU alumni here. I suffered a similar ankle break, ending my athletic career. Rivalry and competition are thrown out the window on this one. Treadwell is a class act and one heck of an athelete. He deserves all of our support and good graces as I’m sure he’s already focused on getting back out on the field. Competitive sports can turn some people into insensitive morons. At the end of the day these are college kids working their butt off for our entertainment, for my money that deserves the utmost in respect and support.

    • Oh and for the record: this is one MSU fan who DOES NOT count Ole Miss out. Seen this too many times in MS. A school suffers a tragedy and comes back with fangs out.

  • That is why they came up with that rule….he could have been injured much worse with that second hit….

  • It wasn’t a dirty tackle, he was abotu to score they were desperate to stop him but even with that I’m sure had he (Frost) known his tackle would have resulted in such a horrific injury most players would have just let him score rather than end someone’s season. Frost had no bad intentions he was just trying to make aplay while Treadwell was trying to win the game. It’s unfortunately a danger they all face at any given moment. God bless you Laquon. Prayers for quick healing for Frost who I am sure feels terrible about it as well.