Despite what you may have heard to the contrary, SEC football continues to march forward in anticipation of the start of the upcoming season.

In fact, in places like Oxford and Fayetteville, players have returned to the practice field and are working with their coaches to prepare for the 2020 season.

The clip below may not be much, but it’s cause for celebration given the lack of SEC football content we’ve had to share this calendar year.

First-year Ole Miss head strength and conditioning coach Wilson Love recently sat down for an interview to discuss the ongoing transition the players and staff are working on to develop a winning culture in Oxford.

“It’s so important because you know we’re trying to establish a culture here still and kind of take where we left off in the winter, and it’s been a great summer so far and today is really awesome and the whole coaching staff out there the whole team, and we’re in this place go in the right directions, pretty awesome feeling,” Wilson said.

While the old cliche when it comes to strength coaches is to physically exhaust the players, Wilson’s approach is much different when it comes to his Ole Miss players.

“We’re here to develop kids, you know. I don’t want them coming off the field saying, ‘Oh, I died today.’ I want to walk off the field saying I got better today, I got developed today. I know I went 1-0 today,” Wilson said. “That’s the biggest challenge is making sure because everybody has different needs, every player, every player has different circumstances.

“Right now we are fresh, we are fresh right now, but everybody’s different. So it’s our job as the strength staff, we have got to apply everything we got to do in the science approach to make sure these guys are safe and come out and be the best version of them.”