Outside of a few spicy early-season games, the most-watched college football games of the 2015 season have featured big-name teamsĀ in pivotal conference matchups.

For example, the highest-rated SEC games are LSU-Alabama (6.3) and Ole Miss-Alabama (4.6). Those were the two most crucial games in determining the West Division in 2015, unless Auburn can pull off another miracle on The Plains.

Still, nothing could top seeing coach Urban Meyer’s Ohio State team topple. The Buckeyes fell to the Michigan State Spartans yesterday evening in a thriller.

Here are the top 10 college football games ranked by overnight TV ratings in 2015.

Game Rating Time/Date Network
No. 1: Michigan State at Ohio State 7.0 3:30 p.m./Nov. 21 ABC
No. 2: Ohio State at Virginia Tech 6.6 8 p.m./Sept. 7 ESPN
No. 3: LSU at Alabama 6.3 3:30 p.m./Nov. 7 CBS
No. 4: Florida State at Clemson 5.5 3:30 p.m./Nov.7 ABC
No. 5: Michigan State at Michigan 5.1 3:30 p.m./Oct. 17 ESPN
No. 6: Oregon at Michigan State 5.0 8 p.m./Sept. 12 ABC
No. 7: Notre Dame at Clemson 4.8 8 p.m./Oct. 3 ABC
No. 8: Ole Miss at Alabama 4.6 9:15 p.m./Sept. 19 ESPN
No. 9: Ohio State vs. Indiana
OR Texas Tech vs. Baylor
4.5 3:30 p.m./Oct. 3 ABC
No. 10: Wisconsin vs. Alabama 4.3 8 p.m./Sept. 5 ABC

Data provided by ESPN public relations.