Wow. And double wow.

What more can you say after that mauling and late night magic trick?

Auburn’s absolute domination over Georgia and Alabama’s great escape are just two of the 10 things I’m absolutely overreacting to after a wild Week 11 in and around the SEC.

(Yes, I saw what Tennessee did. No, there will be no piling on today. If only I cared enough at this point to overreact to that mess …)

10. If Auburn isn’t your answer, change your Playoff question

Forget the score (and if you’re a Georgia fan, that might be beneficial), and focus on the manner in which Auburn manhandled No. 1 Georgia.

That was assault, with intent to inflict bodily harm. Georgia was held to 46 yards rushing — that’s been an average series for the Dawgs this season.

I wrote Saturday morning that Georgia is built like an SEC West power team, but Auburn is an SEC West power team. I picked Auburn to win, but I didn’t see Saturday coming.

That was the best win, by anybody, this season, and it absolutely cemented the Tigers’ Playoff legitimacy.

No two-loss team has made the Playoff yet, but no two-loss team has had anything remotely close to the case Auburn could present.

Penn State, remember, in addition to losing early at Pitt, also got blown out by 39 last year; it only beat Ohio State by 3. It closed the regular season with three consecutive games against Indiana, Rutgers and Michigan State, three losing teams that finished a combined 11-26. Then the Nittany Lions beat a ranked team in the Big Ten Championship, just its second victory over a team ranked at the time of the game.

Auburn’s November/December slate is the exact opposite of that.

And remember, I know I keep saying this, but it’s because it matters: Kerryon Johnson did not play in the one-possession loss at Clemson. You think, perhaps, he might have made a difference? Just a tad.

There was no way Auburn could beat Georgia twice and Alabama once in the final month and not make the Playoff, but the manner in which they hammered Georgia makes you wonder what their ceiling is.

Could they climb to No. 1?

Every Saturday is different, but there isn’t a team in the country that could have beaten Auburn on this particular Saturday.

9. Could Georgia really be done?

The late touchdown throw turned what felt like a 40-point blowout into a 23-point margin.

Do margins matter? Well, if Georgia rebounds and wins the SEC Championship, which in theory is still possible if you believe West over East is #fakenews, it likely would become the first Playoff team to suffer a regular season loss by 20 or more points.

Performances like that tend to linger, to change minds. Fortunately for the Dawgs’ they’ll get another crack at the SEC West in Atlanta.

I mean, I guess that’s fortunate.

8. Does that count as an official tackle?

Under normal circumstances, it would be difficult to top a blooper in which you intercept a pass, fumble it just as you’re about to score, have the opponent recover and return it 24 yards for a fresh set of downs.

But this is Florida.

This is the team that not so long ago had two offensive players block each other to the whistle; the bar for embarrassment is high.

So was anybody really surprised, later against South Carolina, when Feleipe Franks threw deep and, well, more #GatorsStuff happened?

Credit Mark Thompson with the tackle.

7. It’ll be better soon, Gators …

6. Why isn’t Kerryon Johnson a Heisman candidate?

Johnson leads the SEC in rushing and just delivered a signature statement, on national TV, to knock out the No. 1-ranked team in the country.

Johnson missed the Clemson game but has topped 115 yards rushing in five of his past six games against SEC teams.

He was a difference-maker Saturday, almost from the start.

He finished with 167 yards rushing, pushing his season total to 1,035 in just eight games. He also scored another touchdown — on a 55-yard reception — giving him 17 this season.

He should be a Heisman candidate, but at minimum, he might have wrapped up the SEC’s Offensive Player of the Year award on Saturday.

5. You know you’re at a basketball school when this happens …

Kentucky doubled up Vandy on Saturday, moving to 4-3 in the SEC.

The Cats have one conference game left — at the angriest Georgia team imaginable.

There’s nothing wrong with 4-4 (at Kentucky). Heck, the Cats have only played .500 ball in the SEC seven times since 1977. But they were so close to their first winning SEC season since then.

At least Stoops will get another chance to end it.

4. Fire Kirby!

My overreactions are so G-rated.

I need to step up my game. This is Playoff-caliber overreacting right here.

There is a fallback plan in place, just in case.

3. Ahem, Mark Richt’s current team is undefeated

Admit it, you questioned the Canes. Soft schedule, close calls.

No more. Not after last week, and especially not after annihilating No. 3 Notre Dame on Saturday night.

When Miami hired Richt, I wrote that the Canes didn’t just hit a home run, they smacked a walk-off grand slam on college football.

The Canes are back. They are undefeated, still, and headed to their first ACC Championship Game.

And they’re doing it Canes-style, with punishing defense and an unending supply of swag.

2. Alabama can’t get healthy soon enough

Saturday was the first time this season that Alabama’s injury issues became a problem.

Mississippi State ran for 3 TDs against Bama — the most since Nick Saban arrived, and tying the total the Tide had allowed this season. And Mississippi State isn’t on Auburn’s level.

As the fourth quarter ticked away, I had the craziest thought of the season: “If only Alabama could get a stop.”

(Quick aside: Dan Mullen, what were you thinking, punting the ball back to Jalen Hurts in the closing minutes? You can’t give that guy another opportunity to beat you. You’re an offensive coach. Go, be offensive. I seriously doubt that HBC would have punted. P.S., it’s not second-guessing when you question the decision in real-time.)

Based on what I saw Saturday: Auburn 31, Alabama 24.

1. How the Playoff poll should look Tuesday

No. 1 Oklahoma, No. 2 Alabama, No. 3 Miami, No. 4 Clemson, No. 5 Auburn. (And I just picked Auburn to win the Iron Bowl and honestly think the Tigers are better than Clemson. Auburn would replace Clemson in my Top 4.)

Oklahoma won’t be No. 1 Tuesday, but the Sooners have been the most unstoppable offensive unit all season; it even scored 31 in its one-possession loss against Iowa State.

The Sooners have knocked off top-12 teams in consecutive weeks, including No. 6 TCU on Saturday.

Alabama’s resume will continue to improve, but to this point and especially considering Saturday’s performances, the only reason to put the Tide at No. 1 is because they’re undefeated. That seems rather old-school.

Georgia isn’t done, but the Bulldogs now have to win the SEC Championship Game.

There’s plenty of time for talking, and still more impactful games to be played.

My biggest Week 11 takeaway: If Saturday didn’t make you want an 8-team Playoff, I’m not sure what will.