Again, we are all about value here at SDS, so we’re one-stop-shopping you again. In a New Year, lots of people are peddling those “Word of the Day” calendars. And they’re fun. But we’re summing up SEC football seasons in a word — and we picked unusual words. So we give you the word, a quick definition penned with assistance from, and the word in a brief sentence or two to show you context. You could quiz your friends on their spelling skills. Don’t think of it as learning, think of it as reviewing a fun season of football. And maybe improving your vocabulary for the New Year.


  • Deserving praise; commendable

Can I hear that in a sentence? Alabama’s perfect season was not only historic, based on the dominance the Tide showed, it was laudable.


  • Showy, flashy, based on pretense

Can I hear that in a sentence? Arkansas looked good when they scored 30 on Alabama or thumped Florida, but their good moments were completely meretricious. I mean, they lost to Missouri, and they blew a 24-point lead in their bowl game.


  • Two things that cannot be brought into harmony; incompatible

Can I hear that in a sentence? While it is not unusual for any SEC team to have some ups and downs in a season, beating Arkansas by 53 but then losing 13-7 to Georgia demonstrate the irreconcilable nature of Auburn’s season.


  • Overly dramatic; of or relating to acting

Can I hear that in a sentence? What a histrionic season for LSU — firing their coach, rallying into contention but then losing to Florida by a yard, and ending up with Ed Orgeron as their coach. It was like a football soap opera.


  • Confusing, frustrating

Can I hear that in a sentence? The whole year of 2016 was completely discombobulating for Ole Miss — NCAA issues, a losing year, getting killed in the Egg Bowl. The Rebs can’t wait for 2017.

Mississippi State—odyssean

  • Involving wanderings and adventures, especially those with hardship

Can I hear that in a sentence? What an odyssean year it was for Mississippi State — I mean, they lost to South Alabama, and lost three other one-score games, but then they knocked A&M out of the Playoff, crushed Ole Miss and won a bowl game. Dan Mullen is heroic, possibly in the epic sense.

Texas A&M—reiteration

  • Something which is said or done repeatedly, often excessively

Can I hear that in a sentence? The year 2016 was a reiteration of Texas A&M’s habit of starting fast — this time 6-0 and in the top ten — and finishing dismally — this year at 8-5. A&M fans have to get sick of this year after year.


  • To confuse or make unclear

Can I hear that in a sentence? While Florida won the East division, the season was ultimately obfuscating, as they lost to Tennessee and got crushed by Alabama and Florida State.


  • Erratic, subject to sudden change

Can I hear that in a sentence? Georgia won two games on last second drives, upset Auburn, but blew a Hail Mary to Tennessee, was dominated by Florida, and lost to Vandy — certainly a capricious first season for Kirby Smart.


  • Steadfast, determined

Can I hear that in a sentence? It was a perseverant Wildcats team in 2016 that rebounded from an 0-2 start to win seven games and end up in a bowl.


  • Objectionable, offensive, contrary

Can I hear that in a sentence? 2016 was a repugnant season for Mizzou — they had a tough loss to Georgia, and then by the time they lost at home to Middle Tennessee, the season couldn’t end soon enough.

South Carolina—reconstituted

  • Constructed again, rebuilt

Can I hear that in a sentence? Carolina was expected to finish last in the East, but Will Muschamp had a reconstituted team that earned its way into bowl eligibility with a big win over Tennessee.


  • A front or outer appearance, particularly a deceptive one.

Can I hear that in a sentence? Tennessee was in the top ten and maintained the façade of being a rebuilt team before Alabama destroyed them and Carolina and Vandy exposed them even more. Oh well, there’s always the Championship of Life.


  • Of or related to something endless and unavailing, like a task

Can I hear that in a sentence? Derek Mason’s Commodores fought hard in their Sisyphean task of climbing up the SEC ladder, but were embarrassed in their bowl loss.