The preseason AP basketball poll was released Monday and the college hoops season gets cranked up 3 weeks from tonight.

A quick look at the AP basketball poll and AP football poll reveals that there are 10 schools represented in both top 25s.

Included are 3 SEC programs: Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

The Crimson Tide are No. 6 in football and No. 20 in basketball, the Volunteers are No. 3 in football and No. 11 in basketball, and the Wildcats are No. 19 in Football and No. 4 in basketball.

The other schools to be ranked in both polls are North Carolina, TCU, UCLA, Michigan, Texas, Oregon, and Illinois.

Of the 10 schools represented in both polls, UCLA is the only one in the top 10 of each.

The Bruins are ranked 9th in football and 8th in basketball.