Every offseason, there is always talk of which college football head coaches are on the hot seat.

College Football News recently handed out hot seat rankings for all 64 head coaches in the Power 5 conferences. The rankings of No. 64 (Clemson’s Dabo Swinney) and No. 1 (USC’s Clay Helton) aren’t going to turn any heads, but SEC fans may be surprised to see some of the conference coaches who made the top-15 in terms of heat.

  • No. 2 Will Muschamp, South Carolina
  • No. 12 Derek Mason, Vanderbilt
  • No. 13 Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M
  • No. 15 Jeremy Pruitt, Tennessee

While the site concedes that, “No, of course, Fisher won’t be fired with another underwhelming season…” it’s still hard to see ranking the $75 million man ahead of 51 other Power 5 coaches when it comes to being on the hot seat.

It’s also safe to say someone at CFN isn’t impressed by Tennessee’s recent success on the recruiting trail. Here’s their explanation for ranking Pruitt No. 15:

Oh sure, everything looked great with a six-game winning streak to close things out, but the best win was over … Kentucky? Remember, this is the same coach whose team lost to Georgia State and BYU to start the season and dropped the games against Alabama, Florida and Georgia by a combined score of 112-30.

The hot seat rankings for all 64 Power 5 head coaches, including the other SEC coaches, can be found in the full CFN article here.