A previously scheduled college basketball invitational could reportedly be expanded and serve as a bubble.

College basketball insider Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports shared Tuesday, per sources, that, “State Farm Arena in Atlanta has emerged as a possible location for a preseason bubble in college basketball.”

The bubble would reportedly involve the 10 teams slated for “Holiday Hoopsgiving.” Originally, the event was going to feature O ​Georgia Tech​ vs. ​Kentucky​ on Nov. 27 with a Dec. 12 quadruple-header of Clemson ​vs ​Alabama​, Mississippi​ ​State​ vs. ​Dayton,​ LSU​ vs. ​South Florida​, and ​Auburn vs. Memphis. If those 10 teams agree to a bubble, we would presumably see more games, possibly in a round-robin format to make use of the opportunity.

The bubble environment has worked in the NBA. Perhaps it will help give us college hoops.