During the last two weeks, we’ve taken a recruiting tour of all the five-star prospects in the last decade across college football.

In the last 10 years, a mere 287 players have emerged from high school as five-star recruits — the best of the best. That’s fewer than 30 players per season regardless of position.

By our best judgments, just 97 of those have lived up to the hype and become a star equal to expectations. That’s just 33.8 percent, or barely more than one in three.

Granted, that’s on the low end of reality, because five-star players from the 2013 and 2014 class haven’t had time to blossom into their potential, but even conservatively, fewer than half of the highest-rated recruits ever fulfill their estimated potential.

Our study confirmed what everyone already knew: you aren’t guaranteed a superstar just because your program lands a big-time recruit on National Signing Day.

Here are position-by-position links to our stories detailing the college career of every five-star recruit in the last decade, along with a breakdown of how many we deem blossomed into stars.

QBs: 9 of 23 (SEC best: Tim Tebow)

RBs: 12 of 51 (SEC best: Darren McFadden)

WRs: 10 of 38 (SEC best: Percy Harvin)

OL: 20 of 37 (SEC best: Michael Oher)

DTs: 6 of 27 (SEC best: Sheldon Richardson)

DEs: 11 of 31 (SEC best: Jadeveon Clowney)

LBs: 10 of 37 (SEC best: Alec Ogletree)

DBs: 19 of 43 (SEC best: Eric Berry)

All five-star ratings based on the 247Sports composite rankings.