The first Saturday of the football season is tomorrow!

We’re quite enthusiastic about the opening weekend of college football and have considered every angle of the SEC games kicking off tomorrow. As such, we’ve got 50 questions for you to consider… some serious… some not so serious. Enjoy the weekend!

  1. Will Rece Davis stumble in his GameDay host debut?
  2. Can ESPN College GameDay get even better?
  3. What will the SEC’s record be in the three big boy non-conference games on Saturday (Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M)?
  4. Is it just me or is the rest of the SEC line up of games pretty crappy?
  5. Can we put in a rule that says there can be no more than 5 cupcake games across the SEC in any given weekend?
  6. How concerned should we be about Alabama’s offense?
  7. Will the favorable matchup against Wisconsin lead to a big Bama win and distract us from Alabama’s weaknesses?
  8. Is anyone else rooting for Blake Barnett to be the Bama QB after meeting his girlfriend?
  9. Is anyone else rooting for Will Grier to be the Florida QB after meeting his girlfriend?
  10. Does anyone remember a time when there were so many mediocre quarterbacks in the conference with such beautiful women at their sides?
  11. Is Kyle Allen intimidated by opposing quarterback Mike Bercovici (ASU)?
  12. Specifically his Instagram game?

    The things my boyfriend makes me do…

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  13. Is Arizona State the toughest opponent for any SEC team this weekend?
  14. Which “new” defensive coordinator will make the biggest mark during the opening weekend?
  15. Will Auburn or Texas A&M have the better defense this year?
  16. Will the camera men and producers during the Auburn game show Muschamp or Malzahn more on the sideline?
  17. How much money would you pay for a leaping chest bump on the sideline between Muschamp and Malzahn after a big play?
  18. How much money would you pay for Saban to smack Lane Kiffin on the sideline after an Alabama 3-and-out?
  19. How much money would you pay to see Bret Bielema coach the entire game shirtless on the sideline?
  20. What are the odds that Bielema cries in the postgame presser?
  21. What are the odds that we see an opening weekend fat guy touchdown by Arkansas?
  22. Who will have the better opening weekend: Chubb or Fournette?
  23. Are we not talking about Derrick Henry enough?
  24. Why again are so many national media members picking LSU to get to the playoff?
  25. Will LSU have any passing game whatsoever?
  26. Will Florida have any passing game whatsoever?
  27. Is Treon Harris being named the starter a good or a bad sign for Florida’s quarterback situation?
  28. How is it possible that Grier has not one, but two younger brothers more famous than him?
  29. Has McElwain brought any life to Florida’s football program?
  30. Since the answer to that question is no, will he try to run up the score in week 1 in an attempt to bring life to Florida’s football program?
  31. Is that even possible with this offense?
  32. Is Grayson Lambert being named the starter a good or a bad sign for Georgia’s quarterback situation?
  33. With those running backs, does it matter?
  34. How many games does Tennessee have to win to appease fans given the current hype of this team?
  35. Can Joshua Dobbs show he’s taken the next step this week?
  36. Has Maty Mauk’s reputation taken such a hit that he might actually be underrated?
  37. Consider Mizzou has nobody at WR, will we see even more Mauk keepers and scrambles?
  38. Are we all kidding ourselves in thinking Mizzou won’t win the east again?
  39. Will the NFL talent on Ole Miss’s roster make an impact during week 1?
  40. Is Chad Kelly one of the most interesting QBs in the SEC right now?
  41. How many times have you listened to his rap song on youtube in recent weeks?
  42. Will Treadwell get attention nationwide this year?
  43. Will anyone even pay attention to maybe the best player in the conference, Dak Prescott?
  44. What would be considered a successful season for Mississippi State in 2015?
  45. Is anyone actually rooting for Ohio State to win on Monday night against Virginia Tech?
  46. Will Ohio State basically rest their starters for the next two months considering they don’t play anyone until late November?
  47. Which individual players will stand out this weekend and be on the early Heisman lists?
  48. You know there will be early Heisman lists next week, right?
  49. Though you pretend to be annoyed by them, you know you love them, right?
  50. You do realize that it will be over again in a few months, and as such, you have permission to go nuts over college football?

Happy tailgating.