The latest College Football Playoff decision brought the usual grumbling from those left out, but this year’s controversies appear to have struck a serious chord among college football decision-makers.

On Wednesday, The Athletic released a report claiming that some top administrators are pushing for an eight-team Playoff sooner rather than later.

This discussion comes after two Power 5 champions — Ohio State and Washington — failed to qualify for the Playoff thanks to Notre Dame snagging a spot following an undefeated season. Add in two-loss, non-SEC champion Georgia being the highest-ranked team outside of the Playoff and UCF missing out again despite a 25-game winning streak, this season set the stage for the fiercest expansion debate yet.

Naturally, many in the media weighed in on the report, with a wide range of reactions. Many oppose the idea of expansion for various reasons, while others think it would be beneficial, even for the SEC.

Stadium Network’s Brett McMurphy even contributed to the reporting by sharing how the SEC currently views an eight-team Playoff.

This is all just speculation at the moment, but it’s a conversation worth having if college football’s leaders are indeed pushing for Playoff expansion. So, do you think an eight-team Playoff would be good for the sport?