If the College Football Playoff started today, only one SEC team (No. 1 Alabama) would be in it. But imagine this — what if more than one team from the conference had an opportunity to advance to play for the national championship in a larger playoff system?

On Friday on Twitter, Danny Kanell of CBS Sports shared an image of what a 16-team playoff would look like based on the current College Football Playoff rankings. And not only would Alabama (No. 1 seed) be included, but so would Texas A&M (No. 5), Florida (No. 6) and Georgia (No. 9). It would take four wins for a team to win the national title, rather than just the two needed in the current format.

It would also provide some interesting first-round matchups. Alabama would start by playing No. 16-seeded Iowa. Texas A&M would play No. 12-seeded Indiana, Florida would face No. 11-seeded Oklahoma and Georgia would take on No. 8-seeded Cincinnati.

While it would make things more challenging for the top four teams in the CFP, it would create opportunities for 12 others to have a chance at the national title.

Here’s what the full 16-team bracket would look like for 2020 right now, as shared by Kanell:

Perhaps one day the NCAA will decide to expand its playoff system. But this season, there will again be only four teams. Right now, those schools would be Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson and Ohio State. However, there’s still time for things to change the next two weeks.