One Vegas sportsbook has released some interesting new college football future props, particularly in regards to the College Football Playoff.

If you are a betting man or woman, you might want to take a look at them. A couple of the props involve the SEC.

Some popular questions out there — Will a Big Ten team make the playoff? Will the SEC get two teams in? Could a two-loss team (maybe Auburn) qualify? How about a team outside the Power Five?

Either side could be argued for most of these scenarios.

The latest CFP Rankings are set to be released on Tuesday night.

Listed below are the new props with fresh betting odds, courtesy of the BookMaker sportsbook:

Will a Big Ten team qualify for the CFP?

Yes +130
No -160

Will the SEC qualify two teams for the CFP?

Yes -260
No +200

Will a two-loss team qualify for the CFP?

Yes +300
No -400

Will a team outside of the Power 5 conferences qualify for the CFP? (not including Notre Dame)

Yes +2000
No -15000