MIRAMAR BEACH, Fla. — The move to a 9-game schedule in the SEC is getting more difficult by the day.

Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne said Wednesday during the SEC spring meetings that the conference needs more information from the College Football Playoff management committee before making decision on an 8- or 9-game conference schedule.

The SEC, he said, needs to know how the Playoff committee will value a 9-game schedule. If the SEC moves to a 9-game schedule, Alabama’s 3 permanent opponents would be Auburn, Tennessee and LSU.

“That’s a lot right there,” Byrne said, echoing what his coach, Nick Saban said last month. “If that’s the hand we’re dealt, we’re going to have to play it.”

When asked if he would vote for a 9-game schedule tomorrow, Byrne said, “We’ll see how the conversation goes.”

Those conversations have been sticky for nearly 2 years, and have gotten more tense since commissioner Greg Sankey declared when the meetings began earlier this week that it’s “time to land the plane.”

There’s still a wide chasm of those of who want 8 games and those who want to move forward with 9. It currently appears that Texas A&M, LSU, Georgia, Missouri and Florida favor 9 games.

After that, there’s plenty of uncertainty.

“The expanded Playoff has to be discussed,” Byrne said. “What does that load look like? To me, if we’re going to play more Power 5 games and SEC games, lets make sure we’re rewarded for strength of the schedule.”