It’s not even time for SEC Media Days yet, but already, nearly every analyst and outlet have released their preseason top 25 and 2019 predictions.

FOX Sports analyst Tim Brando was the latest to do so on The Paul Finebaum Show Thursday afternoon. The always honest Brando unveiled an interesting top 10 for 2019. It’s important to note, however, that Brando’s top 10 is his prediction on how teams will finish after the season. It’s basically a post-season top 10 done in the preseason.

Brando ranked three SEC programs in the top six: 2. Alabama, 4. Georgia and 6. LSU.

Below is Brando’s top 10:

1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Michigan
4. Georgia
5. Oklahoma
6. LSU
7. Texas
8. Nebraska
9. Oregon
10. AAC Winner (Memphis or UCF)

Brando’s explanations for his SEC picks are below:

On LSU …
“I don’t see a loss on their schedule until they get to Alabama. … LSU, I think, will have its best offense since Zach Mettenberger was at QB.”

On Georgia …
“Do you see a loss anywhere on Georgia’s schedule? I’ve got Georgia at No. 4 because they’re going to lose to Alabama again (in the SEC Championship Game). Only this time since they beat Notre Dame at home, Georgia’s not going to get any heat for their non-conference schedule. … I think Georgia is just about ready to overtake Alabama as the powerhouse of the SEC.”

On Alabama …
“Alabama gets there (national title game). They’re going to win every game, including the (SEC Championship Game) matchup against Georgia, and that means Clemson is at the top (at No. 1),” Brando explained. “I don’t see any way you stop Clemson from beating (Alabama) down again. I see a beat-down very similar to the one we saw a year ago.”