A perfect match between the two completely independent polls isn’t going to happen, but the one thing the College Football Playoff ranking and the AP Top 25 can’t seem to agree on is the Big 12.

AP ranked Oklahoma State No. 5, Baylor No. 6 and TCU No. 13, whereas the Playoff  rankings refuse to put a Big 12 team in the Top 5, much less the all-important final four.

The selection committee left at Baylor No. 6, jumped Oklahoma State up to just No. 8, and dropped TCU all the way down to No. 15. Ouch. Popular Big 12 sleeper pick, Oklahoma (8-1, 5-1 in Big 12), got the No. 12 spot in both polls.

All 25 teams are the same for both the AP and the College Football Playoff Committee, the difference is in the rankings.

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The AP clearly has more respect for the Big 12’s schedule at this point than the Playoff Committee.

Undefeated Baylor and Oklahoma State both failed to rise much in the Playoff Poll compared to the AP.

The love for the Big Ten seems to grow with each week as the conference now sits with the most teams ranked in the Top 25 in both the Playoff rankings and the AP Top 25.

The lack of respect for one-loss North Carolina continues as the AP moved them up to No. 17, but the Committee put them at No. 23, their first time ranked this season.

Not surprisingly, there was plenty of reaction on social media to the second week of CFP ranking.

Aside from a difference of opinion about Notre Dame’s value and the Big 12’s schedule, the two rankings actual matched up pretty well this week.

If you think you’re team got shammed in the first College Football Playoff ranking, don’t worry. Plenty will change between now and the semifinal selections.