Arkansas and Missouri got just a tad chippy with a little under 6 minutes to play in the second quarter of Friday’s game.

At the end of a first-and-goal run play for Missouri, offensive lineman Cam’Ron Johnson continued to block Arkansas defensive lineman Zach Williams while he was on the ground as the whistle blew on the play. Williams then locked his legs around Johnson as Johnson looked to walk away. Arkansas defensive lineman John Morgan III ran in at that point and shoved Johnson to the ground.

Missouri’s Armand Membou then appeared to throw a punch at Williams. That prompted several Arkansas players to drive Membou back away from Williams. Arkansas defensive lineman Eric Gregory also appeared to throw a punch at Membou and ripped his helmet off in the process.

Coaches tried to separate the players as the scuffle moved from around the 5-yard-line to well out of the red zone.

Three players were ejected as a result of the on-field fight — Membou, Gregory, and Williams.

Here’s the play:

On a third-and-12 play that immediately preceded the fight, Missouri’s Brady Cook took a late hit on the sidelines and several players from both sides exchanged pleasantries after.

Following the on-field fight, Cook scored on a 3-yard keeper to put Missouri up 17-0 and hushed the Arkansas crowd.