This season brought a lot of great memes that will certainly be shared well into next year. Each week, we’re going to take a look back at some of our favorites for the individual teams. Here are the best Arkansas memes from 2015:

Ark Milk Carton MEME

LOL at Bret Bielema MEME

Bielema Wife Still Hot MEME

Bielema Going to Keep Quiet MEME

Can I Take It Back MEME

Arkansas Owned by Toledo MEME

Holy Toledo MEME

Toledo What Happened MEME

Sprinkles for Winners MEME

Petrino I'll Be Back MEME

Bret Bielema Erotic MEME

Bielema Hasn't Slept MEME

LandSharks MEME

Razorbacks Walk into Work MEME

Bielema Here Comes SC MEME

Mallet Fired MEME

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