We had a fun teasing the SEC broadcasters in 2015.

If you missed our weekly installment critiquing their work, you can review them week-by-week here:

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Truth be told, doing play-by-play for a high-profile college football game is a very tough job that only a small percentage of the population could even attempt to do without coming off looking like a complete buffoon.

So please know that while we count down these broadcasting gaffes, it is all done in good fun and with much respect for the work these folks do.

With that being said, let’s get down to the 10 biggest SEC broadcasting fails of the 2015 season.

10. Week 2: Holly Rowe says ‘Blowing you know what up their you know what’ in reference to an Eric Striker quote during Tennessee/Oklahoma game. This one was more humorous than anything. The first word she used “you know what” for was “smoke.” It is OK to say smoke on national television, Holly. We promise.

9. Week 10: The Jesse Palmer School of Math. The former Florida QB turned Bachelor turned SEC football color commentary takes his share of Twitter insults for simply being a guy with whom lots of people would like to trade places. But he rightfully caught a lot of grief during the Texas A&M vs. Auburn broadcast for not being able to calculate the score correctly.

8. Week 11: Ed Cunningham refers to South Carolina assistant G.A. Mangus as Steve Spurrier Jr. Not every South Carolina coach wearing a visor was a Spurrier. These two guys don’t particularly look alike, but that didn’t stop Cunningham from going into a long rant about Steve Spurrier Jr. while the camera was focused in on Mangus, who was serving as the Gamecocks offensive coordinator, during a game against Florida.

7. Week 10: Beth Mowins gets criticized by SEC fans for… being Beth Mowins. I can’t think of an announcer that is as universally disliked by SEC fans as Beth Mowins. Everyone else has at least someone that will defend them, but not Beth. She doesn’t always call SEC games, but she had an early game between Florida and Vanderbilt during Week 10 and Twitter blew up with negativity.

6. Week 9: Fans are quite sure that Brent Musburger was drunk calling the Tennessee/Kentucky game. Making off-the-wall comments and slurring your speech is a sure-fire way to get SEC fans to call you a drunk. That’s what we learned from Musburger’s performances on the SEC Network this season. While we highlighted this one in Week 9, it was a recurring complaint at times throughout the season.

5. Week 13: Andre Ware compares Joshua Dobbs to Cam Newton. Even Tennessee fans thought this one was ridiculous. Dobbs is a very good player, but putting him in the same class as the Heisman Trophy winner who had a record-setting national championship season in 2010 seems a little wild. We came away with one conclusion: Andre Ware has a serious man-crush on Dobbs.

4. Week 1: Gary Danielson wrongfully roasts Bobby Petrino for his use of timeouts. This was a tough one, because it was a fairly obscure rule about the clock running after a penalty that doomed Danielson late in the season-opener between Louisville and Auburn. It turns out that Petrino had to burn his final timeout to keep the clock from running, while Danielson was under the impression that the clock should’ve stopped. He went on to criticize what he deemed a wasted timeout, when it was actually the only move Petrino had left to make.

3. Herbie gets into Twitter spat with “Blindside mom” Leigh Anne Tuohy: Ole Miss beat Alabama in what turned out to be one of the best college football games of the season, and the chatter afterwards was about how ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit and Sandra Bullock’s character from the Blindside were in a Twitter disagreement. Herbstreit was probably in the right on this one, but he should know better and stay above the fray.

2. Week 7: Verne Lunquist calls the Heisman winner by wrong name. Lunquist has been prone to make mistakes on names from time to time, but getting the name of Alabama RB Derrick Henry wrong is just poor form. He did it on multiple occasions during Henry’s big game against Texas A&M, calling him Derrick “Harvey.”

1. Week 4: Verne Lundquist mistakes a shoe for a flag during Florida/Tennessee game, or does he? This, in and of itself, is a small embarrassing moment. But we’d really like to use this as a microcosm of Lundquist’s season as the SEC on CBS play-by-play man. Week after week, Uncle Verne was missing the action. He called guys out of bounds in bounds, and guys in bounds out of bounds. He’d call a completed pass an interception, and so on. His eyes may not be what they once were, and perhaps he should make better utilization of the in-booth televisions to get a better idea of what happened if he is not sure.