Some history was made in the sports betting world on Tuesday.

According to the Action Network, a parlay of $3 million was made on DraftKings’ sportsbook—the largest in the site’s history—with 2 SEC teams involved in a 3-team bet that also included the Green Bay Packers. The bettor, who was unnamed, would profit over $5.5 million if the Packers won the NFC North and if Alabama and Georgia won the SEC West and East, respectively.

For now, at least, things are looking good. Both Alabama and Georgia are 2-0, with the Crimson Tide playing Texas A&M and the Bulldogs hosting Tennessee on Saturday. Meanwhile, the Packers upped their record to 4-0 on the season with a 30-16 win over the Falcons on Monday night.

At a glimpse, it looks like easy money for now. But if the bettor ends up not being able to cash in, the amount of money he or she put down seems to suggest a pretty healthy bank account in the first place.