The Big Ten hasn’t had a team in the College Football Playoff since 2017, when Ohio State lost 31-0 to Clemson in the semifinals.

The Big Ten hasn’t scored A SINGLE POINT in the Playoff since the very first one, as Michigan State was shut out 38-0 by Alabama in 2016.

But, after being left out of the past two Playoff fields, it sounds like B1G athletic directors are starting to get fed up. After spring AD meetings in Chicago on Tuesday, a couple of B1G ADs said it’s time to start thinking about Playoff expansion (via

“I’m open to the consideration and to looking at it and to thinking about it,” Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel said Monday of playoff expansion. “Anytime our Big Ten champion is left out of the playoff … that’s something that needs to be discussed. Because I obviously believe that you go through and you win the Big Ten championship in this league, you’ve accomplished something that deserves to put you in position to play for the national championship.”

Wisconsin’s Barry Alvarez also had things to say about expansion, and he’s been one of the more vocal supporters of trying to get the Big Ten in the Playoff field every year:

“It concerns me that everyone has not been included and I think there, I’ve stated this before, I think we certainly should take a look at it,” Alvarez said. “I think we need to revisit the criteria that were set up to start with.”

Will expansion eventually happen? It’s possible, but that timeline may be sped up if the Big Ten doesn’t start to get its way.