Two names that are talked about more than the rest: Bo and Herschel.

The age-old debate about which incredible running back was better than the other still wages well after their careers have been over. Walker finished with 5,259 yards, 52 touchdowns and 28 100-yard games, while Jackson finished with 4,303 yards, 45 touchdowns and 21 100-yard games.

Walker and Jackson will always be larger than life at their universities, and both will always hold a special place in SEC history.

Tony Barnhart recently hosted the Paul Finebaum show, and the show did a special segment on Bo vs. Herschel. You can watch the video here.

As part of the debate, the show interviewed several media personalities and asked which back was better in their minds. Here’s a blip of what every media member said:

Jeff Speegle (ABC Birmingham Sports Reporter): “Bo’s very powerful; Bo’s very fast. I’d like to have both of them in the same backfield. If you had to hand it off to one guy, I think I would hand it off to Bo Jackson … For the most part, Bo Jackson showed up in the big games and played big-time.”

Greg McElroy (SEC Network): “It’s tough to say anyone other than Herschel — Herschel’s one of the best football players of all time, but if you were going to make the argument for anyone being better than Herschel, I would say Bo is right there.”

Chuck Oliver (680 The Fan Atlanta): “Bo Jackson. I think Bo Jackson was honestly a little bit quicker, and if you want any proof of that, go back and look at that Georgia Tech-Auburn game. There was a 3rd and nine, I believe it was, and Auburn runs a toss. Who runs a toss on 3rd and nine? Well, you do it if you have Bo Jackson. And it wasn’t a first down; it was a 74-yard touchdown run, I think.”

Parrish Alford (Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal): “It just seems like Bo Jackson was faster. It just seemed that way to me. Both of those guys are going to win the collision. So, who’s faster? Speed is the equalizer.” also had other media members chiming in on the two incredible backs in 2014. Here’s a sampling of their responses:

Rod Gilmore (ESPN College Football Analyst/former Stanford DB): “Bo. Fastest big man I’ve ever seen, and more powerful than Herschel.”

Charles Davis (FOX College Football/former Tennessee DB): “I played against Bo in college. Tackled him and came up looking out of my ear hole!”

Pat Dooley (Gainesville Sun): “Herschel by far. He was the best I have ever seen. Carried the team for three seasons.”

Barrett Sallee (Bleacher Report): “Bo Jackson. Nothing against Herschel Walker, but Bo Jackson with a football in his hands is so dangerous and so versatile. Not to say Herschel isn’t. Deciding between the two is a “rich man’s problem,” but give me Bo due to top end speed and raw power.”

Which running back do you think is the best?