Bob Stoops is tired of it. He’s tired of the SEC getting the national recognition because his Sooners turned Alabama every which way but loose, an Alabama team that was supposed to throttle the Sooners in New Orleans.

While at this week’s ESPN ‘car wash’, Alabama head coach Nick Saban said he had to convince his team to play a ‘consolation’ game against Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.

That didn’t sit too well with Bob Stoops. Wednesday was Stoops’ turn at ESPN, and he responded to Saban’s comments about the Sugar Bowl being just a consolation game.

Stoops didn’t stop with just Alabama; he also got feisty with Texas A&M’s non-conference schedule.

Alabama and Oklahoma are creating a nice little rivalry, especially with it being ‘talking season’, as Steve Spurrier suggested during SEC Media Days. Once again, the Crimson Tide and Sooners are projected to be favorites to get into the inaugural College Football Playoff.

With last year’s Sugar Bowl result and so much talking between these two teams during the offseason, an Oklahoma-Alabama rematch would be great for college football.