The final College Football Playoff rankings of the regular season have been unveiled and there’s only 1 SEC in the top 4.

Undefeated Georgia remains at No. 1, followed by Michigan, TCU, and USC. CFP chairman Boo Corrigan explained the committee’s logic during an interview on ESPN.

“As we looked at it, Georgia, there was nothing they did last weekend against Georgia Tech to really diminish it. They’re 4-0 against ranked teams in our top 25,” Corrigan said. “Michigan, huge win, particularly in the second half against Ohio State. 2-0 against teams in the top 25. Again, we didn’t see any reason to move Georgia out of the top spot.”

Corrigan also explained the slotting of Ohio State at No. 5 and Alabama at No. 6.

“There are 4 teams in front of them that are still playing games that we need to go through,” Corrigan said. “Coming out of this week, as we looked at Ohio State, and the wins that they have over Notre Dame and Penn State, you look at Alabama and their big wins are over Texas and Mississippi State. They had a couple games they also played close, 2 close losses. Again, in the minds of the committee we came back to Ohio State at 5 and Alabama at 6.”

Georgia will take on LSU in the SEC Championship Game, while 2-loss Alabama finished second in the SEC West. Ohio State missed out on the Big Ten title game by losing to Michigan.